Sanitizing Child Care Toys: A Three-Step Guide to Clean Toys

Cold and flu season is on its way! It is important to take the precautions necessary to keep your child care facility free from as many germs as possible. One important way to keep your daycare clean is to constantly monitor the cleanliness of your children’s toys.

1. Choose wisely

Avoid stuffed toys or ones with hard to reach spaces. Choose machine washable or toys made out of plastic. Baby dolls are a popular toy option, but if they are made out of fabric they can be hard to clean. Choose baby dolls made out plastic with detachable, machine-washable clothes.

2. Clean regularly

Toys should be sanitized each day. Collect all plastic such as key rings, blocks, and baby dolls. Fill up a sink with hot water. Pour two to three tablespoons of dish soap under the running water. Place washable toys in the sink. Allow to soak for five minutes. Rinse with warm water. Use a sanitized towel, or place aside to dry.

3. Rotation

Have two separate bins in each classroom. Place one bin out for the children to play with, and place the other in a hard to reach area. Rotate the bins at the end of each day. If a child is sick, have an empty bin at hand. Tell the child to choose his or her favorite toy and to put the toy in the bin when he or she is finished. When the sick child is finished with the toy, put the bin out of reach of other children. Sanitize that toy before allowing other children to play with it.

Germs will always be present in child care facilities, but with the proper attention, you can fight to keep your environment clean for your children. Refer some videos.

by Laura Sherrard
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